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So, this is a blog that’s mostly a showcase for my stories, but here and there I’m sneaking in a post about random other things.

Like this post. This is not a story.

This is an article about my florist business.

I just had to brag on it a little bit because I really do love it, and I’m proud of it. It’s not that I’ve done such a great job with it; it’s that I have an awesome team of people that help me. And I always have to give a lot of credit to my mom and dad, because they’re the ones that taught me everything and totally showed me the way.

Anyway, if you google florists near me, or florist Groveland or florist Clermont or florist the Villages, you’ll find me. I’ll pop up.

You can also find me if you search for things like wedding arrangements or funeral arrangements or wedding flowers or funeral flowers or baby shower flowers.

Another way to find me is if you search for holiday flowers, like Mother’s Day flowers, or Easter flowers, or July 4 flowers, or Halloween flowers, or Thanksgiving flowers, or Christmas flowers.

So that’s a bunch of different ways that you should be able to search for me and have my florist business come up.

Anyway, I’m bragging on it because we’ve gotten several prestigious awards over the past few years for our customer service and the quality of our product. Which is flower arrangements, of course.

I’ve worked very hard to create arrangements that aren’t your run-of-the-mill groupings of flowers. Of course, I do have the status quo kinds of arrangements, because there are lots of traditionalists who are looking for that. But we have a larger clientele who are sort of out there in terms of wanting looks that are fresher and somewhat unique. So for all of them, I’ve worked to invent a whole line of floral bouquets and arrangements that aren’t your mother’s flower arrangements.

I’ve brought in all kinds of supplies and props to put in or with the bouquets and arrangements. They are not what you would usually find in a floral shop. Chicken wire. Faucets. Light bulbs. Paint brushes. Hammers. Keyboards. Picture frames. Rocks. Boulders. Pinecones. Small car parts. CDs. VHS tapes. Brushes. Brooms. Urns. Old phones.

You get the idea. Basically anything that’s small enough that could work size-wise with an arrangement is something I look out for and bring into the shop. And then show my girls and say, “Let’s figure out something amazing to do with this.”

You would not believe the stuff we’ve come up with. Sometimes we end up laughing hysterically over our creations, and sometimes those have ended up being the best ones.

So we’ve gotten noticed for our inventions and our creativity, and we’ve been getting these awards! Plus the customer service awards. We get those because we go over the top with meeting the needs of our clients.

We never let up, and it has paid off.

So anyway, it’s fun to get noticed and recognized, and I’m especially pleased for the sake of my girls.

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