Sam and Jim

Sam stepped down into his dad’s basement.

He used to come down here when he wasn’t happy. All his dad’s dusty old belongings from his adventures made him feel better. He never thought he’d come down here to look through a dead man’s possessions.

Sam wandered down into the darkness and kept walking. He hadn’t been down here in years.

It seemed to go on forever. He walked for hours, lost in his thoughts, until the light from the stairs had long since faded.

He came across a large box, covered in a gray tarp. There were plenty of things in the basement covered in grey tarps, but there was something different about this. A glow to it. He grabbed the tarp and tugged it down.

Revealed before him was a box. Stainless steel, 8 feet tall. He put his hand on the surface as the metal began to glow. Pulsing and vibrating, a door opened on the box. Sam stepped inside, not knowing what he’d find inside.

Wait. I don’t like the direction that story is going. Sam is boring. I’ve decided that the whole premise of that story is boring, so I’m going to shut down that story and write a different one.

Here goes. . . .

Jim walked down the street to buy a bottle of coke. He walked down the street and died. He died. And you’re sitting there in your chair. In your comfortable little home, while little Jim is out there in the cold, dead.

How could you be so cruel? All Jim wanted was a bottle of coke, and now he’s dead. Think of his family! All dead, because Jim couldn’t get that bottle of coke, because he died. How does that make you feel? Better make you feel bad.

Jim’s family had been bitten by a rare Diet Coke snake. The only cure for such a bite was a bottle of normal coke from the 7/11 down the street from their house. Jim had gone all by himself to save the family.

The mailman was having a bad day. He’d stepped in dog poop, ran through rain, and gotten stuck in traffic. He felt the heat of the afternoon beating down on him. He felt the pressure to get done with his job. He felt his boss breathing down his neck. He felt the weight of the world bearing down on his shoulders. Then he hit Jim.

The boy’s body flung itself onto the hood, bouncing up onto the roof and over the side of his car.

The mailman jumped out and ran around the car and stopped, staring at Jim. What had he done? How had this happened? How had this happened?

A woman was there. Then another man. Crowding around the boy.

The mailman just stood there. He didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t feel anything. He was numb. The world was spinning. The world was blurred. A man ran up to him. His face was red. The mailman stuttered. He couldn’t hear, he couldn’t see. His soul collapsed on itself.

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