Suzette’s About Me Section

Hey there. Welcome to my blog.

I’m glad you stopped by! I hope you browse around a bit and check out all my blog posts. I have categorized them so you can easily find the topics that you’re most interested in.

Actually, topics is probably not the most accurate word. This is a blog mostly of stories, and I’ve categorized them into overarching themes. Not really by topic.

But you can look at the categories for themes of stories, and that will help you narrow down your search if you’re into one kind of story more than another.

So, a bit about me . . .


I’m a florist. I’ve been a florist for many years. My parents were florists before me, and that’s how I got introduced to the world of flowers and the business of flower arranging.

My parents’ flower shop was really a family business. For many, many years, they ran the shop out of their home. They had a big stone house that was incredibly cool (I didn’t know how cool until I moved away from it!). It had dormers and turrets and interesting angles and recessed doors with giant brass handles.

The best part of the house was a solarium, which was basically a room with glass exterior walls and a glass ceiling. That’s where they had their flower shop. People loved to be in there because it felt like you were in a conservatory or something.

People liked that room so much that my parents decided to add on to it and have a little café in the corner. Their customers could browse the plants in the solarium, do their ordering business, and then go sit down and have coffee and cake at the side of that glorious room.

Their view into the room was of fern trees and orchids and oak barrels and pots of glads and vases of lilies and little pretty garden ornaments tucked here and there—blue glass watering balls, bamboo wind chimes, shepherd’s hooks, ceramic gnomes and fairies and toads, fat resin angel babies reading books—stuff like that.

So that’s the flower shop I grew up in. I helped mom and dad after school and on weekends and during summers. It wasn’t a burden. I always liked what I did, and I enjoyed being around customers. They always seemed happy, and it was no wonder because their surroundings were gorgeous and my parents treated them like they were the only customers in the universe.

I absorbed all of that and took it with me when I left home for college. I became a dermatologist with several areas of specialty, so I was basically in school for about a hundred years.

I graduated, started working in the field, and suddenly realized I had made a giant mistake.

Despite all the years of training, I realized suddenly that I didn’t care about skin or hair or nails, and all I wanted to do was have a flower shop.

So that’s what I did, and that’s what I’ve done for 20 years. And at night, I write. Stories. Lots of stories. About all topics.

This blog contains those stories!